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January 21, 2011

Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Spirit,

As I sit snowed in, supposedly working on a sermon, I reflect back instead on the experience of Pastor’s Assembly in New Hampshire, from which I have just returned. Worship designer Marcia McFee taught us about the different rhythms of worship and how when we live more deeply into the liturgical year we feel more grounded and connected. John Edgar told us remarkable stories about the rhythm of community and being in ministry with the poor — from his setting of a Church for all People in Ohio. In a church about our size, with lots of partners in the community, they built 5 million dollars worth of affordable housing this last year. Nisha Pursushotham got us moving and singing to Afro-Caribbean rhythms. As an Indian drummer and music educator, she takes her drums and gifts to schools and churches with The Rhythm and Roots Project.

Workshop leader Jane Ives talked about how we can enrich and strengthen our relationships and our marriages through understanding the different ways we want/need to be loved. She and her husband, Bishop Cliff Ives offer marriage enrichment weekends.

We were blessed with the leadership of our cabinet–all the DSs and the Bishop. Martin McLee, the DS of the Metro Boston Hope District offers a regular podcast “A Word from the Lord”. The latest offering invites us to make thankfulness the rhythm of the new year. He says we’re blessed people but will we bless God with our living? Unpacking a text in Revelation, he says that the “new heaven and new earth” is not some pie in the sky reality but something available here and now. He suggest that we don’t have to look very far for heaven in 2011–instead look close for glimpses of heaven. If you need a jolt of gratitude this snowy, introspective day, listen to McLee’s podcast.

The rhythm of snow seems much quieter than the pulsing beats of our workshop and of the “drumbeat” of justice we celebrated on MLK weekend. Perhaps I should go outside and shovel–that would get my heart beating faster. Maybe I could shovel to a South African rhythm “We are shoveling in the light of God…” Let me know what tune you shovel to???



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