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Dear Kindred in the Spirit,

Miscellany from my colleagues this week.

Deacon Cathy MacGovern just finished walking the 780 kilometers of the Camino de Santiago in Spain, blogging her insights along the way.  She went on this 5-week journey to celebrate her 60th birthday.  Her journey has included the stories of many pilgrims of all ages who walk to grieve a loss, or mark a milestone, or overcome a challenge.  Her latest entry offers the wisdom she hopes to return home with:

I guess I´ve always thought of life itself as a journey. I don´t know when mine will end, but I can make choices about how I will live within this life. Along the Camino I have learned a lot about what I can tolerate (cleanliness is greatly overrated), I learned about my own impatience and the great blessing of those days when I remembered to be patient with others.  I have learned that each person has a story – a reason for the fear, sadness, joy, peace in their face.  I have learned that the aches and pains of one day can heal with a good night´s sleep.  I have learned that we can communicate with others in many more ways than language.  As I continue to process my five-week Camino I continue to harvest other lessons.  I´m sure they will continue to come throughout the following months.

So how shall I live in the years remaining? I hope that I will look for and find the blessings in each day.  I seek to be patient with others and to encourage rather than criticize.  I hope to be one who will listen to the stories of others, walk with them in times of happiness and sorrow. I seek the courage to speak out when I see injustice.  I pray that love and joy will lace through each of my days – and I know that it will be my own choices that will help to make that happen.  I will seek other adventures, pilgrimages, ways to break myself from my own routines, fears… those things that might keep me from changing and growing.

And a Presbyterian colleague from the Midwest sent me this insight.  There’s also a video sent from Reconciling Ministry Program offering military stories of what the removal of the ban on military service has meant (just ignore the last second political ad) In their Own Words.  With any luck I’ve included the entire RMN “flashnet” with the latest news from the movement including the video–but since I’m new at this tech stuff, I won’t be surprised if it’s messed up.

So… if the U.S. military, an institution that exists to defend the nation, wage war, and kill enemies, has welcomed LGBT folks in its ranks promising them no discrimination, then why cannot the Church, an institution that exists to worship God and love neighbors, welcome LGBT folks in its ranks promising them no discrimination?

Riddle me that, Batman!

This week in our continuing series on lament we explore the challenge of baptism to live as if death has no hold over us.



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