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Ash Wednesday

Dear Kindred in the Spirit,

Lent is a time to realign our deeply held values with our everyday actions. So let’s begin today to build a Lent that leads to life.

Our tradition invites us, in the name of the Church, to observe a holy Lent:  by self-examination and repentance;  by prayer,  fasting,  and self-denial;  and by reading and meditating on God’s Holy Word.

Here are some ways to go about that, in addition to participating in the Animate: Faith Lent Study on Sunday mornings (or Wednesday nights).

  • Use Lent to bend your consumption toward justice. Reflect on how to approach your consumption in a way that supports a better world. Make practical, sustainable choices.  Choose a meatless Monday discipline to eat lower on the food chain and read Diet for a Small Planet.
  • Align your buying habits with your values. Research where the goods that your purchase are made and the workplace practices of the companies that produce them. Support those companies who offer a living wage, fair-trade practices, worker’s rights, and environmentally responsible policies.
  • Raise your voice for the voiceless and for social justice causes. Contact your Representatives to oppose casino gambling, encourage immigration reform, support environmental policies, speak out on behalf of comprehensive sexual education that is age-appropriate, medically-accurate and objectively proven, call for gun-control measures, support socially responsible economics.
  • Reassess your time management to discover where your priorities are out of whack. Choose a more centered path that cultivates presence, and acknowledges our interconnections with creation and one another. Drop old behavior patterns that break down rather than create wholeness.
  • Get inside to get out. Adopt a practice of self-awareness or introspection (meditation, yoga, walking, journaling, prayer, etc.) so that the gift of healing you need in your own life may be offered to everyone you encourage.

Wake Up: Be aware, open ready to receive.
Show Up: Discipline yourself to be there (wherever the “there” of your  Lenten practice may be – a prayer time, study or worship)
Shake Up: Be willing to have your inner viewpoint rearranged.
Start Up: Get moving. Take your relationship with God/faith into your world. Let it make a difference in the way you live.

By the way, it’s been a long time since a Pinch email because I’ve been using Facebook to post material like this great backyard version of Awake My Soul which reminds us on this Ash Wednesday:

In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die,
but where you invest your love, you invest your life,
for you were made to meet your maker.

Even without a facebook account you can see the church’s FB page, just click on the blue Facebook link at the bottom on the church’s homepage (www.elumc.org) and thank Fred G for keeping our web presence so up to date…. For those with a FB account, you can easily help us extend our reach by commenting on a post, liking it, or re-posting it. The Pinch of Salt posts also appear in the blog linked to the church’s homepage.

We’re trying to be relevant — not just in our theology and welcome and worship but also in our use of technology.



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