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We’ve had such fun in the Seussical world exploring the good news in the gospel and beyond. I’ve been grateful for the wisdom of Yertle the Turtle, the Lorax, and Sneetches–of scary green pants and sticky green goo. Grateful for the little ones–kids who question the futile actions of one-up-man-ship in The Butter Battle Book and those like Bartholomew Cubbins who stick close to those in charge, who dare to question executive actions and speak up, and warn those in power.

ELUMC has embraced the lessons and connections of Seuss and the gospel and I know we’ll take our rhyming into Lent.

Oh the places we’ve been
and the places we’ll go!
God’s presence is with us;
making love to flow.
We’ll encounter some things,
as people come near
we know little of and some
we may fear.
What if, we took time
to learn who they are,
what if, we sat down with them,
in from afar.
For when Jesus is followed,
love must be done,
the way we have chosen
makes enemies of none.
To stand up for the voiceless,
for the earth we must care,
creation is calling
we must do what we dare
And so together we join in prayer for us all,
for the journey is long
whatever befall.
Yes, we’re off to great places,
we’re in no disguise
for the splendiferous world
that’s right before our eyes
is weeping and wonderful
and it needs us to share
so we go with God’s blessing
and a calling to care!
God beside us, within us
and leading this day,
we have mountains to move,
so we’re on our way!

We’ll be off to great places, we’re off and away!
Welcoming the risks involved is in our DNA.
Our prayerful seeking will inspire us to more;
raising hope, and justice, and love, let it soar!





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